Wednesday, 13 April 2016

A Supermarket Near Me

Should Driving in Retirement Be Outlawed!

Observation Made By Myself While Trying To Park a Car In A Local Supermarket Near Me.

Of course driving in retirement should not be outlawed.  If that was the case then I would not be writing this blog post.  I am 73 years young. (note: I used the word young rather than old, senior citizens and retired people seem to use this phrase a lot.  Who can blame us!  I know it makes me feel a whole lot better.)

It was a typical weekday and moderate traffic on the roads.  

(I am not one of the retired people that still insists that you do shopping on the weekend, getting in the way of a working person where the weekend is the only chance they get to shop, as you did when working at a job you hated) (Yes, yes not everyone hates their job) 

What happened next can be explained in order of occurrence.

1.  As I pulled into my local supermarket and Sainsbury's car park I was confronted by an illegally parked car on double yellow lines with very little room for me to get by.  My first thought what the H??? is going on.

2.  This would not have been to bad but at that moment the driver's door was opened by an elderly gentleman in the path of my car and I had to slam on the breaks.  

3. Well being in the same age group I thought give the guy a break he is going to help the older lady out of the passenger side of the car so she does not have to walk all the way from the car park.  (The closest car parking space was only about 50 feet away)

4.  However, the women, who was the passenger, came around and helped the senior citizen out of the drivers side.  I could not believe it, he is the one that needed help.

5.  He then walked around his car and did an inspection of said car.  (Keep in mind this is happening while being illegally parked and blocking other cars from trying to get into that area of the car park.)

6.   Both returned to their respective car seats where upon he started the car, did a U-turn in front of everyone and preceded to another part of the car park.

Hear by ends my observation but it does beg a few questions.
  • Should Senior Citizens or retired people be required to take a re-test once they reach a certain age?
  • Should the retired be able to park anywhere that they so desire to make their life easier?
  • One other question I might ask is should they be tested for their power of observation of what is happening around them and what affect they are having on other people?

As I am a Rambling Senior Citizen how would I answer these questions?

  • Due to my age I would say no to a re-test of pensioners, even though in my heart I know this would probably be the right thing to do.
  • No one, including senior citizens, should be able to park wherever they wish.  I have seen young drivers doing much worse than what I have described above.
  • For the third item concerning observation. I think this should be taken on a case by case observation by other people both retired and non retired.
But whatever you do keep driving and have patience with other drivers.

What are your thoughts?

Let us know your observations and experience that you have had with retired drivers and how you would answer the questions posed in this blog post by answering in the comments section below.

Until next time this is the Rambling Senior Citizen Signing Out.